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Slammed Back

I was asleep in my bed. I was so sick with Pneumonia. I had not gotten up (other than to go to the bathroom) for over a week. In what seemed to be a dream, I began to float above me like I was still lying down but not in my bed--in the air. It grew dark pretty rapidly and I floated up into the darkness with a force of gravity pulling me upward. I was at peace.

Above me, I saw a round light as if I were approaching the end of a tunnel. It was very far away, but I was being sucked upward pretty rapidly. As I got closer the light grew. The light was a soft, warm yellow and comforting. The light had emotions. It was gentle and loving--a come hither and be in enveloped in love. As I was almost there I could see all these hands around the edge of the light reaching down to pull me up from the darkness. I reached up to take hold of their hands with great longing and joy! When they were about to take hold of me, there came a firm commanding deep voice saying, "No. It is not her time." The words were spoken but had no physical sound. It was as if they were said in the mind but with all the tone, inflection and seriousness, but no sound was necessary. At that instance (of the voice) I was slammed (and I mean slammed) downward and hit my body with such force that I jolted as if being shocked with paddles they use in an ER.

I awoke trembling and crying from the jolt and confusion of what had just happened to me. I knew that I had very nearly left this earth and it was startling and unsettling at the time. I wanted so desperately to go back. I don't know how to describe the affects of leaving on my life. I rarely, if ever, share the event. I told my family when it happened, and I have told a few people over the course of time. People tend to look at you like you're crazy, or they blow it off as nonsense. So it's okay if only heaven and I know. 

Since that time, and somewhat before, I have had an incredible ability to know things. The knowing happens before sometimes random events and sometimes events pertaining to me. It's not something I can turn on or off like a light switch. It comes to me whether I like it or not. I believe it is the Holy Spirit giving me what he gleans I need to know. Sometimes I can read thoughts, even when people are hundreds of miles away. I am an excellent lie detector. Until just now I did not know anyone else had trouble with lights or electricity. I have been blowing up light bulbs, light fixtures, telephones and other electrical items for years. If I am intensely upset or having intense problem solving thoughts, I am dangerous if I touch an appliance or a light switch. The thing often blows up or just stops working. Streetlights suffer also. People also think you're crazy if you tell them you have problems with electricity. I didn't have any long trip in the real realm, but it is there and it's lovely and I hope to see it again, next time forever.


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