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Black Hole

I was 14 when I attempted suicide by aprescription drug overdose. I snuck various pills from both parents secretly and over time so they wouldn't notice. So, I had planned this out for sometime. I grew up in a very abusive, violent, and neglectful household. I was teased in school, abused by my mother physically, mentally, emotionally, and verbally, beat up by my two sisters (I'm the middle child), and basically had no friends, was allowed no friends, and was hurting inside with no where to go, and no one to talk to. I never told anyone about my homelife until a teacher noticed bitemarks on my arms. I tended to do okay in school because it was better there than at home. I am also bi-polar.

The time was around 8 p.m. when I took all the pills and chased it down with one swig of Wild Turkey that my mom kept hidden in her room. I don't remember falling asleep, passing out, or losing consciousness. I thought I had only just closed my eyes for what seemed like only a few minutes. It really did seem like I had just blinked and was totally aware of being conscious and not asleep or dead yet. At least that's what I thought. What was seemingly only a few minutes later when I opened my eyes was actually about 10 hours later. The sun was up and the clock showed a little past six in the morning. I was very confused as to how this was possible. It felt like what alien abductees would call "missing time," with no explanation as to how 10 hours past without my feeling it or a change physically or consciously. It was like the sun rose in three minutes last night.

My first thought was, "It didn't work!" The house I grew up in had hardwood floors throughout. I mention this because of what I saw next. I was getting up off my bed to go to the bathroom. I felt great physically, no aftereffects of the pills that I'd swallowed in my attempt at death the previous night. I didn't even have a slight fuzziness. And, in those 10 hours of missing time, I can only recall the color black. Nothing else. I had no memories, visions, sounds, or smells, nothing at all not even a color with an associations tied to it. I don't recall anything. I just know I saw a blackness.

When I looked down to where I was about to step on the floor, I almost stepped into a pitch black hole which was wide enough for a person. It made me think of what might be happening to someone whom you'd see collapsing suddenly in midstep. Maybe that person fell into a hole like the one I was looking at, which to me, is physically real and is really there! And it was as if their death was so swift and painless that they didn't even know that they were now ghosts. I didn't see what they were actually experiencing because it was happening in a different dimension.

I'm grateful I looked down that day because I know if I hadn't, I would have died. I got down to floor level and crouched next to it. There was a swirling "cloud" at the rim of the hole that spun slowly clockwise, slightly floating above the floor. I passed my hand through and it parted softly. It reacted as a solid object. That's when I began to get scared. Looking into this hole, you could not see anything inside it such as a wall or hints of light. It was a solid black dot on the floor with floating clouds swirling around the rim. I reached out to it. Where my arm and hands should have met the floor, I found myself passing through it. I was reaching into a hole in my bedroom floor.

I screamed and that's when my older sister Lisa came running in. She asked if I was okay. I'm on the floor, pointing to an area next to my bed and I'm asking her if she sees the hole. She asked what kind of drugs I was on. Nothing, I told her. I'd never even smoked a cigarette back then. I was panicking. Then, I could see something moving inside of it on what I could now see of its "walls," making this hole a "tunnel." There were small, faint greenish-colored creatures crawling upwards toward us. As if from the depths of darkness. And as they neared the top of the tunnel, the light from the room was making them noticeable. They had human-like arms and legs but their bodies resembled cupcakes, and were just as small. They were faceless and their skin was like that of a frog and they held a blue flame in their hands.


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