NDE-Like Accounts

Diving Under

I was swimming in my family's pool with my sister. My dad had a long seat built in the deep end so we could have a place to rest. I remember we were playing around the seat. I kept diving under trying to lie on the bottom. I must have been successful as in the next moment I was dreaming or having a NDE. The situation was calm and relaxing. I remember only one person or being there with me. It was a female presence. She was kind and comforting. I don't remember what she said but I do remember how she made me feel. It was total peacefulness. The place we were at was clean and clear. There was nothing distinctive no earthy items. I remember light but it was all encompasing; the light was part of the peacefulness.

I woke up sitting at the long bench in the deep end. My sister said I was underwater for a very long time. I am not sure how long. I just remember wanting to return to that same state. I even dove down to try and recreate the experience but it didn't happen again. My sister thought I was weird for wanting to do this.


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