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Texas man feels core cold and sees menacing faces after overdose

I’m from Texas. In November 2018 I had been drinking a lot and because I had injured my shoulder, I had pain relievers too. On about the 15th, I drank most of a bottle of 100% Schnapps and took way too many Tylenol 4’s. I woke up that day, went out in front of my house and threw up and gagged for a long time. I was slumped over in the warm bright sunlight at 11 am, puking my guts out. Finally I got inside, lying to my wife about why I was sick and laid on the couch.

About 4 or 5 in the afternoon, I started seeing geographic shapes that looked kind of like faces above me. Then in my left eye, only when I closed it, I was looking in another room somewhere else, kind of bright, but nothing in it. The thing with my eye got worse by the hour. I thought at first it was because on July 5, 2018 I had a detached retina and surgery on it, and I had thrown up so much earlier in the day. But the room I was seeing kept getting bigger and brighter in my left eye. About 7 pm, I threw up again and went to bed alone, feeling very sick all over.

After about an hour my right eye started seeing the same thing as my left. I couldn’t seem to go to sleep. I could see my clock: ten minutes would go by, then suddenly an hour, but no time for me. I was in one place, not moving, but still in my bed. Around 10 or 11 pm, the faces started appearing around me, surrounding my bed, right, left, and at the foot, but none behind me, me lying face up.

I was starting to get cold also. A cold so deep, it was coming from within me, my core, like my bones were ice, and I could not get comfortable.

More faces came, at first just rounded plate-like faces, whiter than white, black eyes, a mouth as a line maybe, but they were tall and some very small. Once I caught one or two eye-to-eye and their eyes had a hatred or angry look. But most just stared straight ahead, never moving except when I blinked, new ones would take the place of others. Then came the others with every color there is: a blue-striped face like a horse and a tall green woman came right up to my face almost. Then a very tall thing with no features showed up and I said “DAMN" out loud and my wife who came to bed earlier asked what was wrong. I said, “its ok." I was not about to tell her what I was seeing. It was after 12 pm.

Then they showed two human flesh forms: one was a large woman whose hair looked like it pulled out in patches and wounds on her back (I could see her face), the other was a man’s head, a thing there pushed on the side so his head at his jaw was pushed like three inches over toward the nose. I prayed my first prayer to God about 10 pm I think, then again about 2 am, and before dawn. I said, “God this can’t be right. Please, take this from me.” I think about 60 or 70 things came thru that night, but two white-faced small ones never left the left-foot side of my bed.

I started seeing light in the room. They were there. I was never afraid, but I think these things were there to get me. I prayed. At about 7 am, a guest that was staying with us came to the bedroom door. I was looking at my visitors when she opened it and I blinked and, in that blink, everything disappeared; just sunlight. I was glad, and the cold was totally gone from me after 9 or 10 hours. I went and got coffee, sat down, and I knew that whatever happened was REAL, and I NEVER EVER wanted to meet those things again. About 11 am that day, I told my wife what had happened.

I still don't know for sure what it was, but my life is 100% better than in 2018.


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