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Deceased mother shows man souls departing heaven for Earth and other worlds

Since I was about 16 years old I have seen deceased relatives in my sleep.

And not because I missed them or anything because, to be honest, I don’t. I love them all but I know I’ll see them again someday.  I wish I had more control of my visitations but sadly I don’t. I could go on and on for days here describing them all so I’ll share the very best one.

My mother was my biggest fan of my “dreams” as I would always share them with her. Who else could I tell that wouldn’t think I was crazy?  And so when my mother was diagnosed with cancer I knew deep down that her days were numbered.  I spent a lot of time with her, making every second count. In early 2012 after 3 years of her battle she was given 2 months to live. She only lasted one month. A few days before her death I told her that I believed we choose to come to earth and live the life we have, good or bad. She replied, "Why the F would I have chosen THIS life?”  You see my mother was a battered woman and had a hard time with my dad and five kids. I told her just come and see me when you get to the other side. 

She died March 13, 2012. I had one brief but very vivid dream about her within 3 weeks of her passing. I went to sleep one minute and the next I was sitting in a car, in the rain, across from what I thought to be a battered women’s shelter. There were women standing outside, guarding the door, and I just knew she was in there! I got out of the car, ran to the door and was abruptly stopped by the women guarding the door: “She’s not ready,” they told me.  When I awoke I knew without question she was worried about her own life review or judgment.

About a month later the second dream happened, again very brief: I went to sleep and suddenly found myself in my mother’s arms, holding me like a baby. She was wearing a white robe and seemed to have just showered. I woke up and got the sense that she was “cleansed.”

The big one: Three months after her passing I went to sleep as usual. The next thing I knew I was traveling very fast in a tunnel made of light.  At that moment I knew what was happening, where I was going, and who I was going to see. And whoosh, I was now in what looked like my mother's kitchen. My mother seemed to descend down from above me dressed in a gown I can only describe as made of light. At this point I must tell you that in my multiple dream experiences I always communicate with the deceased telepathically. Most of the time it is a very quick visit with the dead person.

So here I am and here comes my mother.  I start communicating with her telepathically at a very high rate of speed. Apparently too fast for her. She says, “Whoa, slow down! We have plenty of time, there is no hurry! This isn’t going to be a quick or fleeting visit like you’ve had in the past.” “Ok,” I said. “Well, first, thank you for coming to see me,” I said. “I didn’t come to see you; you came to see me!” was her reply.  ”Wait! I came to see you? “ I was in shock. (In the past, I had seen her mother and father three times each. Her mother would always be reading to children who crossed over when I saw her and she would always tell me to go back, like she was annoyed.) So, I said to Mom, ”Wait, I came to see you? What about all those times I saw grandma and she chased me away?“  She kind of laughed a bit and said, “You wouldn’t walk into a church in the middle of mass and tug on a priest's robe and say, 'Hey, buddy!' would you?" As much as I don’t like or believe in organized religion I got the point. “So I’m allowed to come here?” I asked. “Yes! You have been given this gift a long time ago.” 

I commented on her beautiful gown and she told me she was going to a “banquet of the heavens.” I asked if I could go with her to which she replied a big no, but offered to show me something. “Ok, let me see,” and whoosh, we were instantly in another place. “This is where souls go right before they go to earth or any other world they go to. Can you believe that? There are lots of other places other than earth that souls can go to!” I was dumbfounded. There were spirits, souls or whatever you want to call them happily waiting their turn to go wherever they were going. To me it was like a room with tunnel entrances all around it. Each tunnel had a larger, wiser entity guiding each soul into it. I had the thought that we really did choose the life we live. My mother acknowledged my thought and said, “You don’t have to say I told you so!” 

We returned to her kitchen and I asked why we were in her kitchen. She said it was me who created it for my comfort and with the wave of my hand it was gone. 

During this experience there was NO time. If I were to put a human time on it I would say it was about 45 minutes kind. In the end I knew it was time for me to go. I went back to the tunnel I came in on and she said “Before you go, how’s your back doing? (I had back surgery the day we found out she had two months to live and was still recovering at the time.) I told her I was still in pain back on earth so she picked me up like I was a baby, her arm going down the length of my back, and said, “Not anymore!” and launched me back down the tunnel.  I was going back through the tunnel and thought, "Man! I’m going too fast! This is gonna hurt when I hit my body!”  

When I woke up I felt like I was dropped from six feet above my bed, like I slammed back into my body. Just then I remembered that that always happens when I visit the dead.  I got up out of bed and walked around my house at 2:30 am for about an hour. I realized my back pain was gone and in fact my whole body felt electrified for days after.

To say that I was in awe that I now fully understood that I was in fact going to the other side to visit is an understatement. I’ve read countless accounts of NDE’s talking about the experience as more real than real...well, this and all my experiences are more real than life here on earth.  I have so much more to tell, so many more experiences to share...but for now I wish peace and love to the reader.


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