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It Took A Dentist Appointment to Experience all Knowing

I was 21 years old and at the dentist's office under sedation to have my wisdom teeth removed. During the procedure I heard a tearing then a popping sound. At that moment

I was having a feeling of weightlessness and the feeling of moving extremely fast through a tunnel of extreme bright light.

Then, all of a sudden I had a feeling of wonderful peace. And at that moment, I "knew" everything. All my questions would be answered.

Then suddenly, I was back in my body and alert to my surroundings. I did not remember the all-knowing feeling any longer, but "knew" I had known all things only moments ago, but now do not. I have told a few people over the years about this. At first I tried to dismiss it as the effects of sedation, but it was so real that I don't believe it was the drugs. I don't know why I experienced this. I hadn't died or been seriously injured. I know now that there is something beyond this existence.


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