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Excellent Documentary with Howard Storm

HowardStormMatthew J. Cline's (Cline Cinematography) documentary is called The Redemption of Howard Storm: A near-death experience (view the trailer).  Howard Storm was an atheist who had a profound NDE in 1985 when he died in a hospital in Paris. His spirit was escorted away by a group of deceased people who claimed to be just like him and then turned and attacked him. Howard made a plea to Jesus and called out for salvation which led to a profound experience. Howard's story helped to define distressing NDEs.

You can watch the entire documentary online.  Click the links below:

  • Parts 1 & 2 : The Chains We Forge in Life/Rescued
  • Part 3 : A Million Questions
  • Part 4 : Reflections of a Life in Christ

This is an excellent documentary that examines Howard Storm's NDE and it's aftereffects. Howard's book, My Decent into Death: A second chance at life, is one of the classics of NDE literature. His experience begins as distressing and hellish and turns into a profoundly positive experience.  In this documentary, Matt Cline has produced an extensive exploration of Storm's experience, its profound aftereffects on his life, his deep insights, and the enduring message he received from Jesus.



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