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2018 Conference Call Calendar

2018 Monthly IANDS Leaders Teleconference Schedule (usually the THIRD Tuesday of each month at 9 PM Eastern time). (IANDS members click here to download the available mp3 recordings of conference call guest speakers):

Tuesday, Jan 16 -- Jose Hernandez, An NDE Bestows Gift for Art and a Calling to Lead Others on a Spiritual Path.  Jose, born in the South Bronx in the ‘50s, was an electrical engineer with no background or pedigree in art. After a near-death experience in January 2000, and a long difficult physical recovery, his life path changed dramatically. In 2003, he discovered IANDS. Seeing a therapist, he met Dr. Barbara Rommer and Dr. Joyce Newcomb and started attending IANDS group meetings in south Florida. In 2004 Jose began creating art as a meditative tool. Over the past 14 years Jose has worked with over 800 clients using Inner Immersion mindfulness modality developed by him and his wife. His art has been exhibited in galleries across the US and hangs in permanent installations at the Cleveland Clinic and other healing centers including a new installation at the Health and Community Centre, Kelowna, British Columbia. Visit his web site

Tuesday, Feb 13 -- Justin Dixon, M.A., is a Ph.D. candidate with Pacifica Graduate Institute, doing his thesis on near-death and similar transformative experiences.  His interest in NDEs grew out of his own early life having out-of-body experiences, a near-death experience in his 20s, and subsequently, kundalini experiences awoken through his meditation practice.

Before returning to school to pursue his Ph.D., Mr. Dixon was President of Rio Development Company, a green building, community driven neighborhood developer. He is master developer of the Mercado District of Menlo Park in Tucson, AZ. The mixed-use residential and commercial infill project is a pedestrian and transit oriented neighborhood which incorporates green and sustainable building practices. The Mercado District has been recognized as Best Neighborhood Design 2007 by The Congress for New Urbanism, as well as other awards.

From his background bringing together diverse groups with special interests plus the obviously related aspect of having had a variety of metaphysical experiences of his own, Justin has been nominated to be the Board Member at Large for IANDS Groups.

Tuesday, Mar 20 -- Dr. Nicole Gruel is an author and life coach specializing in the integration of NOTEs (non-ordinary transcendent experiences). A near-death experience and sudden loss of several family members as a teenager initiated her journey into the non-ordinary realms and how ordinary people deal with extraordinary experiences. She’s since spent over two decades actively exploring human potential and made it her life mission to help other experiencers navigate their NOTEs so they can make the most of these exceptional events, live their most desired life, and share their gifts with the world. She will share her NDE and NDE-like experiences with us. Get a closer look on her website at Dr Nicole Gruel

Tuesday, Apr 17 -- Tamara Caulder Richardson, AKA “Southern Belle Medium” Evidential Medium, Channeler, Spiritual Teacher will be speaking about her six near death experiences (NDEs), the gifts she received as an after effect, and her book coming out in the Spring, “Love from Heaven”. Tamara has seen heaven a few times, including spending three days with Jesus while in a coma when she was 5 years old. As a modern-day prophet and “Messenger of God”, still today Tamara receives instruction from Jesus and the ascended masters. In her personal NDE story, Tamara explains how we are all eternal spiritual beings, how heaven is real and filled with abundant love, and how to bring that those precepts of heaven to earth, now in each of our lives. Checkout her website at Southern Belle Medium.

Tuesday, May 15 -- Nancy Torgove Clasby has been a pioneer practitioner of spirituality and healing since she had a spontaneous awakening in 1996. She is the author of “The Reluctant Mystic, Autobiography of an Awakening”, recording artist of “Healing Meditations”, a meditation teacher, and energy healer.
Please come rest your mind and open your hearts as she shares her Kundalini awakening and the resulting spiritually guide path ever since.  Nancy's website is Holistic Healing & Meditation.

Tuesday, Jun 19 -- Michell Powers was born with the gift to see, hear and communicate with angels. Born with severe deformities of her legs, Michell was forced to endure significant surgical corrections. She has memories of the presence of angels surrounding her and the doctors to provide guidance and support during critical key operations. After leaving the hospital following one of these surgeries, she remembers leaving her body when breathing stopped and then being quickly guided back to it after the body was resuscitated.
Michell has pursued a life of learning how to use her abilities to help others. She now feels at a stage in life where years of pursuing understanding, preparation and practice have brought her to fulfillment of the vision for delivering messages, counseling services and classes filled with content provided by these angel sources. Michell Powers website.

Tuesday, Jul 17 -- IANDS Board Member, Dr. Rebecca Valla, M.D., a practicing, board-certified psychiatrist, will provide insights and guidelines for facilitators to identify and assist group participants in a challenging situation. This can be one of the most difficult areas of facilitating a group. These tips can make a big difference in how these situations are handled. Don't miss July's discussion with Dr. Valla!

Tuesday, Aug 21 -- Teri Rose is a Life Coach/Energy Healer. Teri would have chosen a quiet, private life if not for the car wreck and NDE she had back in the 70’s. She had been an angry teenager who claimed to be an atheist. That quickly changed with the crash that sent her into the Light. She experienced the Unconditional Love of God and was shown that we are the ones doing things to ourselves, not God. Days later, she awoke in the hospital to find she was alive. Seeing that her NDE story wasn’t well-received, she did as suggested and kept it to herself. Instead of talking, she silently went on a mission to make sense of things in a world where nothing made sense anymore. Teri spent the next 25 years researching, experimenting, getting control of negative emotions, learning to focus the power of Light and Love and ignoring limitations. Website: https://whitelightmethod.com.

Tuesday, Sep 18 -- Tiffany McCullough, RN / A Life of Spiritual Evolution – Tiffany, a RN in Emergency Medicine, Critical Care and Hospice Nursing, grew up in a Catholic School environment and then experienced a period of time in the LDS church until life experiences released her from religious dogma. With years of exposure to Emergency Room and then Critical Care, Tiffany experienced many tragic situations and untimely passing of patients, eventually leading to a passion for Hospice Nursing. With her own sudden and tragic life circumstances added to the scenarios encountered in nursing, Tiffany has a story to tell of near death experiences, afterlife awakenings and how the two connected to solidify her own account that a soul never dies.

Tuesday, Oct 16 -- Rosemary Ellen Guiley / At the Crossroads of Time & Space – is a bestselling author and researcher in afterlife studies, the paranormal, and metaphysics, with more than 65 books published, including Mysteries of the Afterlife, Contact with the Dead, and Dream Messages from the Afterlife: Visits from the Dead. She has done research in, and has experienced, afterlife communication via dreams, technology, black mirrors, and seances. Her websites include www.visionaryliving.com.

Tuesday, Nov 20 -- featured speaker/topic – to be announced.

Tuesday, Dec 18 -- featured speaker/topic – to be announced.

Note: To be added to the email distribution list announcing these conference calls including the call-in telephone number and access code, group leaders and co-leaders may send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  To access the mp3 file recordings of the guest speaker portion of the conference calls, all active IANDS members may click on this link... MP3 Recordings.

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