Oakland / Berkeley / Alameda
Contact: David Bourdon (JDBourdon[atsign]comcast.net

You are welcome to join us! We are an independent group with no dogma and an open, supportive environment. We have a mailing list, just write JDBourdon[atsign]comcast.net to be placed on the mailing list for meeting announcements.

Los Angeles and beyond...
Contact: Tony Camacho

Visitors and new members welcome

Marin County, North Bay, San Francisco and surrounding communities.
Contact: Dr. Ellie Schamber / 415-383-0605

We have a different speaker on the third Friday of every month who describes his or her experience of consciousness after death. Questions are welcomed. Please contact Ellie Schamber at ellieschamber@comcast.net for more information or to be put on the mailing list.

San Francisco, Marin County & North Bay communities.
Contact: Lori Grace 415-924-7824

Welcome to North Bay IANDS. We provide education and support to individuals having near-death or similar experiences and to those sincere seekers after a greater understanding of this phenomena. Hosted by www.sunrisecenter.org



Orange County, California
Contact: Janet Woods

Visitors and new members welcome!

Sacramento Area & Surrounding Communities
Contact: Michelle Kuret (916) 204-5567

Welcome to the Sacramento IANDS monthly meeting group! Our group is free and open to the public and serves as a learning and sharing environment, discussing extaordinary topics: near-death and out-of-body experiences, as well as other spiritually transformative events. 

San Diego County
Contact: Beverly Brodsky 619-660-5106, 619-244-8495, or bevbrodsky[atsign]gmail.com

We hold educational and support meetings monthly for NDEs and other STEs, providing community for experiencers, a safe place to share experiences and questions, and helping to eliminate or reduce fear of death.

Santa Barbara and surrounding communities
Contact: Barbara Bartolomé 805-451-8646

An open, supportive environment for Experiencers, Individuals Facing Terminal Illnesses, and their Loved Ones, as well as Caregivers, Health Care Professionals, and any others interested in finding out more about NDE's/OBE's and the light they shed on death and the afterlife.

San Francisco Bay Area
Contact: John Sphar (408) 343-1276

The atmosphere of our meetings is friendly, caring and confidential. We allow speakers and those sharing to express their views in their own manner, without fear of any kind of ridicule. So you could say that we are a roomful of sensitive friends. The general public is invited. Welcome!

San Luis Obispo and surrounding communities
Contact: William Letson 805.440.8968

Those wishing to share their near-death and similar experiences are welcome plus family, friends and those with a sincere interest in these subjects.

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