Marin County IANDS

Marin County, North Bay, San Francisco and surrounding communities.
Contact: Dr. Ellie Schamber / 415-383-0605
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When: Friday, November 15, 2019. Time: 7:30 pm -10:00 pm. Where: Unity in Marin, 200 Palm Drive, Novato, CA. Entry Fee: $20 in advance through Unity in Marin website or $25 at the door (no one will be turned away for lack of funds).

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In 1978 Robert Williams lived on Mike Love’s estate in Santa Barbara and played sax with the Beach Boys. Then he got ill and was diagnosed with liver failure, hepatitis, kidney disease, and various viruses. In March 1979 he collapsed and became unconscious.

“I looked down at my body. I was not afraid – I surrendered. I went straight to the Light and merged with it. Then a beautiful Being appeared between the Light and me. A brilliant gold form, semi-translucent but vibrant with pure, vast, unbounded Love.” Robert knew that “I was not only experiencing this Love. I knew at that point that I had indeed come from it. No - I was it and it was me at the same time!”

The Light Being said, “It is your choice to go back to the Light or return to the body.”

Robert asked, “Do I have a purpose?” The Light Being said, “Yes, a great one.”

So Robert knew he had to return.  On the way back, he went through different dimensions. First he saw Great Beings in the form of huge oval orbs. Then he saw mandalas and sacred geometrical shapes and heard beautiful, heavenly sounds.

Then he saw huge forms, that looked like human forms but they were much larger - he later identified them as Archangels. Next he saw The Ascended Masters: Jesus, Mary, Buddha, and others. Then he saw beings of light that he later discovered were angels and guides. After that he saw humans in transition between lives. Lastly, he saw humans trapped in fear in another dimension, a lower level - these were the ones who were too attached to Earth to go to the Light.

After Robert returned to his body, he became clairvoyant and had amazing mystical experiences. He also thought a lot about the symbols he saw during his NDE, and invented Quantum Code Technology.  This is what he believes was the purpose for which he had returned to Earth.

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Located in: California
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