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Other Information:
  • We inaugurated our group the 5th of February, 2000 with abt. 35 people. One experiencer was there, as well.
  • A friendly annotation (as SPR in GB), founded in 1871 (revived in 1994) gives us its facilities in downtown Budapest.
  • Due to the fact that the book of R. Moody was published in 1989 (hundreds of people were cuing up before the bookshop of the catholic church (editor of the book)
  • K.Ring?s book came out in 1990 ( at the end of the communist supression)
  • The famous Hungarian writer Peter Mueller admitted in 1990 having had a NDE
  • Three young MD?s published a dissertation about 45 NDE cases in 1992, there was a strong interest for NDEs in Hungary.... but no steps towards organised research, no lectures, no clubs for experiencers. NDE was not a subject for TV. The yearly 20 % inflation of these years allowed only a hard live for the 10 Million inhabitants of the country.
  • But now the ball starts to roll. The first push was a promise from R. Moody that he comes the 17-18th March 2001 to Budapest to hold a lecture for MD?s and psychologists and at a big thanatology conference for abt. 1000 people.
  • We had to establish for our FOI the "REVITAL Foundation" to manage fundings and administration for these actions.
  • Leaders: 2 MD?s, one psycholgist, a theology and Andrew Liptay-Wagner, PhD.
  • There is a "Counceling Board" of 20 people, including hospice experts, a "religion patologe", physicists, a psychologist of the Victor Frankl Institute, novellists, translators, and a "sceptics", who had a strong otherworld phenomena, and wants understand it.
  • We started a tour in Hungary and held 7 lectures (on a university as well) about NDE, gave interviews, wrote over 15 articles.
  • We registerd abt. 20 experiencers.
  • We start from 20th November a series of lectures for 30-40 people in Budapest, who can qualify for helper, if the number of new experiencers grow (to help by aftereffects) or for researcher.
  • We got a great help from IANDS during their Philadelphia-Conference in July 2000: many good ideas, how to handle this delicate subject, the more delicate souls of the experiencers, what are the good books for NDE, where are the clear minded, pluralistic or scientific thinking experts and got almost all examples of the Journal of Near-Death Studies and Vital Signs & a treasury of comparisons and syntheses of the "state of art" of NDE.
  • We are gratefull for this "starting capital", and hope to add to this knowledge pool soon our experience and power.
  • From the IANDS-FOI family we could greet on occasion of an "NDE- day" the 14th. Oct. (80 visitors) in Budapest, Mirko, leader of IANDS- Slovenia (a very special experiencer!).
  • We have the honour to participate in a coordinated NDE research in Europe, what Ms. P.M.H. Atwater initiated in Holland end November, 2000.
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