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How to RSVP for an Event or Order an Item from the ISGO Catalog?

  1. 1. First step – create a free ISGO account (go to step 2 if you already have one
    a. Click on the “Sign in” link at the top right of the ISGO home page.
    b. There are two columns on the 'Sign in" page: “Login” (on the left) and “Register” (on the right).
    c. After clicking on the “Register” button, an email is sent with the initial password to “Login”

0000 register ISGO acct

  1. 2. Login – you have successfully logged in if the words “My Account” replace “Sign in” at the top right area next to the image of the Shopping Cart.

 0003 ISGO my acct


  1. 3. Navigate – use the “Search Events” or “Meetings & Courses” dropdown list to find the item

you want to RSVP for or Order.

 0004 ISGO logged in

Tips: Always “Log In” first before adding items (an Event or a Video-on-Demand) to the Shopping Cart. If items are already in the shopping cart and you have an ISGO Subscriber account, items in the cart may not reflect your discounted rate and should be deleted and re-added to the cart  after “Log In”.

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