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A 2014 study found that 20% of near-death experiencers (NDErs) felt harmed by disclosing their NDE to a healthcare professional.

All too frequently, the healthcare provider did not recognize their experience as an NDE, dismissing it as a hallucination, an indication of mental disorder, or even "of the Devil". This kind of harm continues to be done by healthcare providers, despite ample professional literature over the past 40 years to the contrary. This continued harm is the “gap” in medical care for NDErs. Let's Close the Gap! Let's get the word out to medical personnel.

Donate Now buttonWe need your help to raise $12,500 to get the word out! We have received $11,750.00 as of 12/6/2020!

NIB journalRecently, the academic journal Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics (NIB) collected together 18 narratives from NDErs describing how healthcare providers responded to the disclosure of their NDE. The special issue, "Healthcare After a Near-Death Experience," explored the ethical treatment of patients who have had an NDE.

VOICES publicationsIANDS is now working with the NIB Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization, to publish these stories in a 75-page issue of VOICES: Personal Stories from the Pages of NIB. We will be able to distribute this issue to healthcare professionals and the public free of charge. In addition, the NIB Foundation will build a web page that will include a downloadable PDF of the entire VOICES issue, a discussion-teaching guide for understanding the issues with NDE disclosures, plus links to podcasts and other information on the topic.

The total cost to make this opportunity a reality is $25,000. The IANDS Board recently allocated $12,500 from the Education and Research Funds. Both the NIB Foundation and IANDS are now seeking donations from the community to achieve this goal.

We need your help to raise the additional $12,500 to fully fund this project. The deadline for this initiative is December 31st!

More information about the NIB/VOICES Initiative

The issue of VOICES will be called "Healthcare After a Near-Death Experience"

The NIB special issue will be converted into a 75-page issue of VOICES with a full-color cover, containing the 18 narratives plus an introductory article and 3 commentary articles. Of the 18 narratives, 12 come from NDErs who are IANDS members or have spoken at IANDS conferences. One of commentaries is co-authored by IANDS members Diane Corcoran and Lilia Samoilo.

The web page on the NIB/VOICES website will include
  • A PDF of the entire publication that can be down-loaded and distributed for free—a condition known as “open access;”
  • A discussion/teaching guide to facilitate a deeper understanding of the issues raised in the VOICES issue that healthcare educators can use in their curricula;
  • Links to podcasts of interviews on Lee Witting’s IANDS NDE Radio and by Dr. Karen Wyatt;
  • Links to resources such as an IANDS web page on this topic and further reading;
  • Dissemination of the link to the web page, including the PDF of VOICES and the Teaching Guide through the NIB Foundation’s social media channels and newsletter; and
  • Printing of additional hard copies of VOICES on request, at cost, which IANDS can distribute to medical personnel through many channels.

See a sample VOICES web page at

Further information about the NIB/VOICES Initiative

Please consult the full Vital Signs article. The article includes a CALL TO ALL ARTISTS (drawing/painting artist or photographer) to consider donating a work to IANDS for this initiative which would appear on the cover of this VOICES issue. See the Vital Signs article for all the details.

Your donations are urgently needed!

Donate Now buttonThe deadline for fundraising is December 31st! All donors will receive a complimentary copy of the PDF version of the VOICES issue as soon as it’s available. Donors contributing $50.00 or more will also receive a complimentary printed copy of the VOICES issue as soon as they are available.

A Call to All IANDS Physicians

Dear Fellow IANDS Physicians,
The NIB Project is a golden opportunity for physicians to raise the torch for near-death experiencers. Our leadership is long overdue. As a current member of the IANDS board, I am pledging $1,000 to begin the physicians’ initiative toward our fund-raising goal.

All IANDS physicians, please join me with your generous contributions.

Thank you!
Rebecca S. Valla, MD

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