IANDS Newest Training presentation expanding into Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Ben RiggsThe IANDS Education Committee set a goal earlier this year to expand our program to include community-based presentations supported through Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI).  One of our members is now making this a reality.  Rhode Island Group Leader Benjamin (Ben) C.  Riggs, Jr.  will include Near-Death Experiences: The Essentials as part of his OLLI presentation at the University of Rhode Island November 26, December 3, 10th and 17th.Ben has been sharing near-death related materials since 2016 at various venues.  He has an excellent background when you combine his IANDS Support Group Leader functions with the fact he lives with an experiencer!  Ben and his wife, Lee Thornton , have lived in Newport, RI since 2000.  In 2014 she published her book, Through Heaven’s Gate and Back, sharing her life altering near-death experience during childbirth in 1973.  That NDE set her on a spiritual path of healing from the aftereffects of a troubled childhood.  More details on her book are found at www.heavenslight.net.

Ben is no stranger to making public presentations.  His first OLLI was with University of RI in 2018 with one 2-hour session. He completed 4 other IANDS related presentations since 2016 to a variety of organizations including the Southern RI Retired Teachers Association.  But this presentation starting in November 2019 will be the first known session to include the upgraded IANDS presentation reviewing IANDS mission, founders, and 40 years of research-based findings.  This event with the Newport RI OLLI program will be Ben’s initiation into the recent revamped IANDS Speaker Bureau.  We are honored to have this US Navy veteran join our ranks.  Ben joined the Navy in 1972 and piloted an  A-7   Corsair II   light   attack   aircraft   aboard   the   USS Independence.  He also served as a Commanding Officer of the Air Systems Program Naval Reserve unit assigned to the D.O.D.  contract administration office at Grumman Aerospace, retiring as a Captain

The OLLI educational program offers noncredit courses with no assignments or grades to “seasoned” adults over age 50. Since 2001 philanthropist Bernard Osher has made grants from the Bernard Osher Foundation to launch OLLI programs at 120 universities and colleges throughout the United States.  The IANDS Education Committee is open to assisting other IANDS members to initiate courses in their communities.  The first step to do so is to familiarize yourself with the organization with information on their website found at: http://www.osherfoundation.org/index.php?olli   Step two is to contact the Education Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  An added benefit OLLI provides Ben is to announce his IANDS Support Groups’ sessions advertised as Where Do We Go When we Die ?

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