New ISGO (IANDS Sharing Groups Online) Initiative and Related Board Changes

IANDS’ ISGO™ (IANDS Sharing Groups Online) is an effort to make IANDS programs available to a broader audience. There are four ISGO service offerings that will be available as LIVE sessions via the internet:

  1. Peer-to-peer group sessions for sharing of experiences guided by ISGO certified facilitators.
  2. Individual sessions that have a specific theme or topic but that still focus on peer-to-peer sharing
    using subject-matter oriented materials and facilitators.
  3. Webinar presentations (primarily to listen-only audiences) in two major formats:
    1. Formal education sessions approved by the IANDS Education Committee, and
    2. Guest speaker and similar talks as broadcast sessions from approved IANDS group meetings.
  4. Courses – similar to the formal education webinars but with an interactive audience and
    potentially involving multiple weeks of presentations by the course leader(s).

IANDS believes ISGO programs and participation will grow substantially in the coming years and we expect it to become a significant new service for IANDS members and the public.

Given this expected growth, we are restructuring IANDS officer responsibilities. Chuck
Swedrock will now focus on leading the ISGO initiative. Diane Corcoran will become the
interim IANDS President and we will conduct a search for the next President. Jacqueline Arnold will become the
interim Vice President. Linda Truax retains her duties as Secretary and Jim Fisher continues as

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