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Dr. Nicole Gruel

ISGO™ co-Founder and Lead Facilitator
IANDS Sydney Group co-Leader; Former IANDS Board Member
Author, Speaker, Transformational Coach

Dr. Nicole Gruel is an author, speaker, transformational coach, specialist in NOTEs (non-ordinary transcendent experiences), and descends from a long line of samurai. She combines experience in teaching, international development, healing arts, counseling, Eastern philosophy, depth and transpersonal psychology, sacred ceremony, and creative expression to inspire grounded personal transformation and intentional collective action. She has spent over two decades exploring human potential after a near-death experience and sudden loss of several family members initiated her journey into the non-ordinary realms and how ordinary people deal with extraordinary experiences. Her mission is to help people shine brighter.   website:

Chuck Swedrock, BSc Comp. Sci., MBA

IANDS Board Member, 2005-2011, 2017-present
ISGO™ co-Founder and Lead Moderator
IANDS Groups Coordinator, 2005-2011, 2017-2018
IANDS Technology Committee - interim chairperson
ACISTE Life Coach

Residence: Arizona
Former co-facilitator of Arizona IANDS Groups.
Occupation: Retired Information Technology Specialist

A Life Guided by Experiences – Chuck Swedrock

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