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2006 Houston, TX


The 2006 IANDS conference was hosted by The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. The conference reviewed 30 years of research into NDEs, spanning the field of near-death studies that began in 1975 with the book Life after Life by Raymond Moody, MD, PhD. To order DVDs, CDs or audio downloads for the conference presentations, please click on the links below.

Segment One - The First Two Days: DVDs are available for the eleven presentations from the first two days of the conference. These DVDs, featuring many of the world's foremost NDE researchers, represent a comprehensive review of all research on NDEs. They are a unique collection that represents the accumulated knowledge that we have about near-death experiences. Each DVD incorporates the visual slides that were used by the presenters. CDs and audio downloads are also available for these presentations.

Segment Two: The Last Two Days: The presentations during the latter two days of the conference, for which only CDs and audio downloads are available, build on the presentations during the first two days. The sessions probe deeper into specific topics through a variety of lectures and panels of experiencers discussing their experiences--most notably childhood NDEs and those resulting from combat or suicide attempts--and the effects of NDEs on marriages.


Pricing is as follows:
First DVD: $25 regular price; $16 for IANDS members ($9 discount on the first DVD)
Second DVD: $18 regular price; $12 for IANDS members ($6 discount per DVD)
Full set of eleven DVDs: $150 regular price; $100 for IANDS members ($50 discount)

Audio Files:
All 25 presentations on one CD in MP3 format: $59.95 regular price, $29.95 for IANDS members ($30 discount)

Individual CDs: $11.95 regular price; $9.95 for IANDS members ($2 discount per CD)
Individual Audio downloads: $9.95

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Just Published--IANDS's Own!
Full set of 25 Presentations on one MP3 CD
Full Set of 11 DVDs 2006
History, Controversy & Ethical Implications
Pleasurable Western Adult NDEs
Pleasurable Western Adults NDEs: Aftereffects
Distressing Western NDEs
Western Childrenís and Teensí NDEs
Characteristics of Western NDErs
NDEs throughout History and across Cultures
Spirituality, World Religions and NDEs
Explanatory Models of NDEs
Veridical Perception in NDEs
Practical and Ethical Applications of NDE Research
Presentations from the Last Two Days of the Conference
A Thirty-Year Perspective: Medicineís Changing Views Towards NDEs
Panel: Combat NDEs
Panel: NDEs and Suicide
Research on After-Death Communication
Panel: Childhood NDEs
Sharing Near-Death Experiences: A Therapeutic Use of Self
The Search for God and Afterlife in the Age of Science
Why NDEs Bring Comfort to the Ill and Bereaved
If You Build It They Will Come: Maintaining a Successful Support Group for Near-Death Experiencers
Sense of Contact with the Deceased: Experiences of Police
Letís Talk About It
Panel: The Effect of NDEs on Couple Relationships
Who in the World is Interested in NDEs?
The Role of Anomalous Experiences in Healthy Grief

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