Above the Car


At the age of eleven, together with my six-year-old brother, I was cycling away from a road. It was August 31st 1973. (Dates seem to have significance for me, numerology perhaps.) I saw a few friends across the road and wanted to join them. I said to my brother as I leaped from my bike, "Don't ever do this." Then I ran out between parked cars. I cannot remember if I was aware of a car approaching from my right, but suddenly it was there traveling about the local speed limit (between 30 to 40 mph). It was about two feet away and I could not run back or forward to escape, so I jumped up as if to allow the car to go under me. According to my brother, the car clipped me and I spun violently upward about 20 feet then came down headfirst. My right arm was in front of my skull, causing an open fracture to the humerus. I was in the road, in and out of consciousness, and in enormous pain.

The out-of-body experience was above the car and me. I was spinning above, maybe 30 or 40 feet from the ground. My right tibia and fibula were completely pulped. Many neighbors came. I was attempting to pull myself out from the road with my left hand. There was severe pain, and times of fainting and pure white light. Many faces above me, including my mother who seemed to be saying, "You stupid bastard." My father (ex-ambulance man for many years) was kneeling next to me and hand-rolling a cigarette. He quietly said, "Wake up." Then he pressed a nerve located behind my left ear. The feeling when I press it now is intense. He told me later that it revives people in shock, coma, or in being very drunk. I kept seeing light when my eyes closed, and I felt no pain then. I preferred to be there than in the road. My lower teeth had gone through my lip. There was a chunk of glass in my right shin. Blood covered my face. Later people said they had never heard an eleven-year-old use such obscenities (while I laid there screaming).

Ever since, I have always had odd dreams, a wild and fulfilling life, and have never been afraid of things. I have further avoided death, like falling off a yacht mid-Atlantic, have been threatened by gun more than once, and have been in very dangerous situations but escape scot-free. It seems bizarre, but my life has been like a dream--as if I have always been in a film. I meet famous people who spend time chatting with me, all by total chance. I feel there is a great purpose for me here on Earth. I wish I could relate this to people and find peace as well as a female soul mate. It is just so different...the way I consider life. I have thought of suicide over the years, have been diagnosed manic-depressive, and have been in recovery. None of these things take away the constant vision (I see it now daily) of that out-of-body experience--flying 10 or 15 yards up above me, all while that body of mine spun yards above the car.

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"Burned the candle at both ends"

My NDE happened when I was 18 years old—the summer before my freshman year of college. I was enrolled at a University in Florida and had two summer jobs, lots of friends and dated heavily. I rarely slept and "burned the candle at both ends." As a result, I succumbed to mononucleosis for the second time. (I supposedly had it before when I was 6 or 7 years old. Some doctors believe that it never completely goes away)

Ancestors Care About Us and Our World

Diagnosed terminal and in and out of consciousness for several weeks, I had been told there was no help on too many planes to explain here. Regardless, I was 39 days into a 30 day life expectancy. I weighed not only the opportunity for assistance but the practicality of it as well. I slept for hours during the days and nights. I was sicker than sick. My doctors later explained that was the sickest any human being could ever be. I was at the doorway of death in both mind and body. Most of my memory of those days are limited to say the least. As are any recollections of any dreams. Dreams were just seemingly non-existent for me and honestly still are rare today. But the one memory and the events 

Grandma heard me!

I crashed my bicycle when several friends and I were playing follow the leader and we were jumping a manhole cover. I flipped over and landed on my head. I can remember leaving my body and seeing myself on the ground there was no pain but I felt panic because I didn't understand what was going on.