There's Life After Death

Three nights after an operation, I had a heart attack. There were two nurses in the room at the time. Suddenly my father, who had passed over 30 years previously, was standing at the left of my bed down near my feet. I remember saying, "Oh, hi dad," as if it was perfectly normal to see him! I must have been talking too much, although I cannot remember doing this, because he said to me in a very impatient voice, "Well come on, are you coming or not, you have to make up your mind.” I replied, "ewe, I’d better not," and before I could say anything else he was gone without another word. Then I was looking at 12 nurses/doctors surrounding me. One doctor was yelling my name into my left ear.

I remember exactly what my father was wearing. When I described this to my mother the next day, she went white and told me that was the exact clothing dad had been dressed in for his funeral. I did not even know that my father had been dressed. The other thing I noticed was everything around my father was in total darkness. It was total black and I remember this vividly. I also remember at the time looking around my father for any sort of white light, but it was total blackness.

For many months now, I have felt frustration at the way my father spoke to me in that impatient voice he used to use when I wouldn't get out of bed at 5.00 a.m. to go swim training as a young child. The other frustration is I did not see anything at all other than my father. In the past few months, I have had many "feelings" of situations that arise with my life and my friends, and so far have been accurate with statements about many situations. I am now fitter than I have been in many years, and I am enjoying life to the fullest. My experience is still so vivid that it was like it happened only a moment ago.

One thing I love about this experience is that I know for sure there's life after death; it’s a great feeling.

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