Surrounded by God's Love


As a 12 year old experienced Junior Olympic swimmer I was playing "Uncle" with a high school senior in our practice pool at the YMCA, Miami, Florida. I evidently lost by passing out, then drowning while I was trying to pull a friend under the surface and propelling myself out of the water to take a breath of fresh air. I did not experience fear or a shortness of breath nor did I feel I was suffocating.

The next thing I knew I was traveling in an escalator styled ride up to the clouds. People say they see a bright light but all I remember seeing is very white clouds. I looked down and saw 
my friend and the swim coach trying to revive me on the opposite side of the pool from where I drowned. I remember saying, "You're wasting your time, I'm up here."

I entered what I believed to be heaven and being totally surrounded by God's LOVE. I remember there was no desire to return to earth. I didn't miss anyone or thing. I felt very good. I could see but I don't remember hearing per say. I received thoughts from other sources but I didn't see anyone. I remember seeing God and I remember inheriting hisability to love, forgive
and forget.

I remember being able to come down to earth and sit on a tree limb in a beautiful valley of trees and grass. I'm thinking it was an apple orchard but I'm not positive about the apples. I think I
remember seeing green apples not red.

I remember floating around to different locations up in heaven but I didn't see anything specific, no objects or people. I remember I could visit anyone I wanted to and they would visit with me but I didn't have the desire to visit anyone at that time. I was just totally caught up with God's Love!

The next thing I knew, I was on the ground spitting out water and after a brief rest allowed to walk the two blocks to my home. What disturbs me is when I tell people what I saw and experienced they don't believe me and some get really mad. One thing in particular is saying God is our creator and all souls are returned to him. Souls do not commit crimes and they are
returned to God's home and their home too. The Bible says......

I've learned a lot from my experience and I'm just about finished with a book covering what I saw and learned or believed I learned. I receive a few premonitions every now and then and I'm
writing about them as well. My most important message is how man is destroying the earth and the continuance of life, as we know it.

P.S. I don't believe I had a near death experience. I was dead period. God has seemingly planned my life because there are many experiences that I can recall that only God can account for. One is his giving me the code for eradicating the flu and how to keep people from suffering and dying due to existence. This was truly a God's gift. The circumstances leading up to my discoveries and testing about the flu viruses could have only come from God because of the method of my discoveries. There  is a story here as well. I also was given a method of testing for a viral and/or bacterial upper respiratory infection. Test results take only six minutes. This too is a first anywhere in the world. The problem is when I mention the word God, most people turn me off. It's a shame more people don't experience what I experienced...maybe more would believe.
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