Sister's Prayer


I wanted to get my way, and held my breath to prove a point. As the darkness came to me, I also took a breath, but resolved not to. So I felt my body drop to the floor, yet I rose and hovered at the ceiling. I saw my sister and mother place me on the bed and felt a tug.

I went upward but I was scared and had my spiritual eyes sqeezed tightly shut. I felt a slight wind on my "cheek" and slowly opened my eyes. I was in a dimness and could feel other spirits rising or falling at different rates. Above there was light and I drew closer. I stopped right at the edge of the light, and slowly extended my hand and stepped through. There was a green field, a river flowing in the distance, trees lined the banks and also a little dirt path. I noticed a cobble stone wall maybe it was four feet high and it followed the dirt path off to the horizon. I suddenly heard the laughter of children at play; they were out of sight until they crested a small hill. Then I saw them playing with a checkered ball; they each got a turn to kick it and run and I wanted to laugh and join them.

As I thought this, steps appeared at the wall. I could easily climb up and over the wall. When I got to the top most step, I saw a person surrounded by clouds and it's voice asked in my head, "Do you know who these children are?" At first I didn't have a clue but then just by thinking of the question I knew the answer. In my head I thought, "Yes, these are all children who died young, either they were aborted, or died in child birth, from accidents or other illnesses. "The voice was kind and warned me, "If you step over you will not be able to go back." I shrugged, thinking that the game and the laughter would be enough for me. I didn't really care if I didn't go back.

At the instant that I shrugged the image of my sister played on my mind's screen. My sister was knealing on the bed beside me with tears streaming down her face. She was praying and I could hear her words, begging God to let me come back, to let me be alive again. I didn't want her to cry, I didnt want her to hurt. The voice in my head said, "You have chosen well." In less than an instant I was pulled back into my body and sitting up, hugging my sister. I told her of her words, that I could hear her prayer to God. She told me that she had held a mirror to my nose and there had been no vapor, no breath at all in the past five minutes. We tried to tell my mom but she felt I had a great imagination and didnot believe it. Talking of it distressed my sister so we never really talk of it now. I haven't told more than 10 people and none of them come back to ask me questions. They just go, "Huh" and change the subject.

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